Cold-Mix Asphalt Solutions

We design, manufacture and distribute a large range of economical, environmentally-friendly and easy to apply asphalts with high levels of mechanical performance.

Our high level of environmental commitment has encouraged us to develop different materials with the addition of resins and plant-based thinners. In addition, we offer our products in different types of packaging in order to reduce the environmental impact of waste.

Cold-Mix Asphalts with Polymers

These asphalts composed of polymer-modified bitumen are the top sellers in our range thanks to their great value for money. They come in different types of packaging: in 25 kg buckets, in 20 kg bags, in a waterproof and humidity-resistant 500 kg or 1000 kg Big Bag and loose in tonnes.


Bitumen emulsion to bind asphalts. This is used as etch primer before using the cold mix. It is supplementary in road repair and improves the durability of the final result. It can be stored and applied at room temperature without a reduction in performance.

Environmentally-Friendly Cold-Mix Asphalts

High-performance, solvent-free cold-mix asphalts composed on a base of plant-based thinners. These environmentally-friendly asphalts respect our environmental commitment.

High-Performance Cold-Mix Resin-Bound Asphalts

High-performance cold-mix asphalts composed of modified bitumen and a synthetic resin complement to ensure fast and durable cohesion. Their performance and durability are similar to that of a hot-mix asphalt.

Rapid Range

Bitumen-based materials modified by polymers to prevent and fill cracks. Cold application is fast and efficient. This range of products is both essential and supplementary in road maintenance.